Lodging a claim or potential claim

If an event occurs that might lead you to make a claim, you must:

  • immediately contact us and tell us of the events leading up to your claim

    FREECALL 1800 67 67 00

  • provide us with proof of how the damage occured. Acceptable proof includes:
    • police reports
    • builder, plumber or electrician reports, detailing the damage caused
    • witness reports
  •  Provide us with proof of ownership of the items damaged or stolen. Acceptable proof includes:
    • reciepts of purchase
    • valuations
    • credit card or bank statements showing the purchase
    • instruction booklets or owners' manuals
    • model and serial numbers
    • photographs of items

Further requirements may also be necassary and will be explained to you in detail over the phone.

Once you have lodged your initial claim you will be contacted in the near future, either for confirmation of details or to collect further information.