On-site Van

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(Please refer to policy wording for any limits that may apply)

Provides cover for mobile/relocatable homes, on-site caravans and cabins against:

$20,000,000 legal liability

  • if you live in your building we cover your liability anywhere in Australia
  • if you do not live in you building we cover your liability in the building and anywhere in the park if you are not insured under another policy
  • we cover your legal liability if you baby-sit children
  • we cover your legal liability imposed under most site agreements

Accidental Damage

  • to fixed glass forming part of the building

Burglary or Malicious damage

  • contents stolen from your hard or soft annexe
  • the cost to repair any damage caused by thieves
  • theft of items temporarily removed from the building eg: if you are staying in a holiday house or motel

Cost of Relocation

  • if the park is forced to close due to enforcement of a local government ordinance bankruptcy of the owner of the park we will contribute towards the cost of relocating your home to another park

Delivery & Installation Costs

  • we pay the cost to bring a new home into the park if your home is destroyed

Escape of water or liquid from fixed systems within your home

  • the cost to repair damage caused by water escaping from a burst pipe or hot water service

Fire damage

  • the cost to repair damage caused by smoke and water

Fusion of electric motors

  • We pay the cost to repair damage to domestic electrical motors

Impact by air or space craft, road vehicles, boats or animals

  • including anything dropped or falling from the air or space craft

Loss of rent or the cost of temporary accommodation

  • up to 10% of the building sum insured

Personal Portable Valuables

  • we will cover personal items away from the insured property if requested

Removal of Debris

  • we pay the cost to remove debris from your site after your home is damaged

Riot or Civil Commotion, Earthquake, Explosion

  • the cost to repair damage caused by earthquakes over a 72 hour period as one event
  • the cost to repair damage caused by exploding gas bottles

Storm, Lightning or Hail damage

  • damage your property caused by falling trees
  • the cost to remove the tree from your site
  • damage to TV aerials or masts, satellite dishes, gates & fences
  • hail damage to external paintwork